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Leader One is a project that made me grow a lot. It was like a roller coaster, no doubt. The good thing is that I love riding on them and regrouping when I get off. But like any trip worth remembering, its challenges tested me to a degree I had never been tested before. It was like a 21-headed Hydra: threatening, powerful and beautiful. I sweated, I cried and bled, metaphorically and literally, when I faced it.

The mission consisted in convincing, developing and empowering leaders to become aware of the safety of the people around them. This wasn’t a conventional safety project, of cops and robbers, good against evil, carrots and sticks. This dealt with shifting the organizational paradigm, at the national level, about how people lived safety. This wasn’t about adding tasks or pinning silver stars on uniforms, but rather about shifting the work culture where safety was the way to go and the way of doing things, not a goal in itself.

I clearly remember the first day that we facilitated the course in Guadalajara. I felt it was similar to when you train a boy or girl during an entire summer for a Tae Kwon Do tournament that will take place in October and finally the day of the first round comes around. Many important people filled the room, which had the power of legitimizing or devaluing our program. We had to win the round.

If our program included a Tae Kwon Do boy or girl, I would have bought them their ice-cream cone that night, because they won with will and technique. That was in April and we set out on a tour on demand from the venues. Mérida, Chihuahua, Villahermosa, Monterrey, Tecate, among many other cities that requested Leader One. And I was delighted to buy the boy or girl their ice-cream cone for their great success and heart. It was when I was in Baja California that my client shared news with me that gave me goosebumps. Once a year, all countries in which Heineken has a presence meet to share their safety projects.

This year the event took place in Rome. The Mexican Heineken headquarters presented Leader One as their contender. After the presentation, the more than 90 delegations voted for the project that they considered to have the most impact. Leader One won the prize for the Heineken Global 2017 Safety Project of the Year by unanimous vote.


I have no more ice-cream to buy for them. I believe that as an instructional designer you always feel affection and pride in the programs you create and develop. With Leader One it was different. My Hydra, my Pinocchio and the project that has challenged me the most, Leader One was a journey that questioned me as never before. I feel satisfied and grateful. What a loving terror!

by Arturo González

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