General Objective:
To train Mary Kay Consultants to close sales by making personalized recommendations for Skin Care products, fragrances, and Color Line products that make their clients feel pampered and guided by a professional.

Being a Mary Kay Consultant is much more than “just selling makeup”. It means knowing how to apply it, knowing all about the active ingredients and characteristics of over 1,000 products, knowing how to give recommendations according to the tastes and skin type of your clients, knowing how to sell and manage your inventories, among many other things.

We spoke with the best Consultants from all over Mexico to compile the best sales practices, product knowledge and leadership.

As a result of this analysis, we developed these 3 online programs with field activities that inspire Consultants to put the sales tools and product knowledge into practice.

The programs can be followed both on a computer and on any mobile device, in order to cover the geographic dispersion of all the Consultants and allow them to follow the programs wherever they are located.


What was the impact of our programs?

 ColorPRO acquired: 23,103

SkinPRO acquired: 9,317

FragrancePRO acquired: 8,895

*Figures as of June 2017

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