Learning practitioner. Helping others learn. Always learning. Formal degrees: Economics and Social Psychology. Husband, Father, Friend, Musician, Speaker, Facilitator, Traveler.
Challenger of status quo and conscience awakening in 3 continents, 14 countries, more than 40 large companies, but mostly within myself. Admirer of Alan Watts, Frederic Laloux, Bob Marley, Itzel, Paula & Luciana. Demanding regarding the taste of beer, salsa and coffee and friend of Nature and animals. Very concerned about wealth and gender misconceptions.

Para arrullar a todos aquellos que tienen una posición de poder y no ayudan sino estorban. Esta canción es una invitación a dormir para los impostores, y otra invitación a despertar a los que realmente estamos ya cambiando al mundo.

¡Toma el maldito teléfono y márcale!

En varios años y diferentes empresas he encontrado una constante: problemas de comunicación. Así como la humanidad no se escapa de estos, las organizaciones no tendrían por qué. Finalmente las empresas están llenas de humanidad (aunque haya quienes lo han querido negar “business is business” han dicho). Consultores, libros, estrategias, diplomados, talleres, cursos, seminarios, funciones […]

Con tus propios ojos

Por Americo Bringas – Diseñador Instruccional en ForteOrigen / Natural Born Teacher. ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que viste la Vía Láctea con tus propios ojos? No hay beneficios que no conlleven sacrificios. Vivir en una ciudad grande como Monterrey tiene los suyos. Uno de los que más me pesa es no poder mirar, por las noches, […]


The greatest frustration I see in leaders is that their teams do not do things the way they need to be done. There are many factors about leadership that make this happen, but there is ONE that is highly underrated: the power of example. In times when the discussion about being a boss and being […]


I want to share what I think not about “them”, but about the stereotypes, myths, legends and stories around which not only a generalized identity is being constructed, but also how decisions that shape companies (and even families) are being made. Trying to explain a group through a series of traits is as fallible as […]


Leader One is a project that made me grow a lot. It was like a roller coaster, no doubt. The good thing is that I love riding on them and regrouping when I get off. But like any trip worth remembering, its challenges tested me to a degree I had never been tested before. It […]


I’m very interested in irony. In life, communities, companies, in myself. Increasingly, organizations ask us to help them develop ethical competencies, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, vulnerability acceptance, resilience, collaboration, and more. It is true that programs, mechanisms, campaigns and much more can be designed, but it is so easy to move adults when all this […]

Entrevista a Hugo López Cantú / Capitalismo Consciente.

Agradecemos infinitamente a Rocío y Adriana de Conscious Capitalism / Capítulo México con quienes charlamos sobre una manera más humana de hacer negocios. Te invitamos a escuchar las ideas de Hugo López Cantú CEO y Co-Founder de ForteOrigen. ¿Qué es para ti el capitalismo consciente? ¿Por qué el capitalismo consciente resonó en ti? ¿Qué sigue por hacer […]