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General Objective:
To teach OXXO store personnel how to operate their new charging system effectively and efficiently.


Charging is a task that can be undervalued within the operation of a store. However, this activity is not of minor importance; that is why it requires due care for its operation, but especially while training the person who will be charging.

Through interviews with cashiers and field observation, we reaffirmed one of our mantras: “we learn by doing“. That is why, by addressing the needs of cashiers, we created a virtual and face-to-face program that will help them understand the new charging structure and how to operate it.

Since 2015 this project is in effect due to the transition of the system in the stores; to date the change has been made in 10 thousand stores and about 100 thousand people have taken this course. It is expected that once the transition is completed, this solution will be part of the training of new in-store staff.

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