Universidad autónoma de Coahuila


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General Objective:

Training in the new Educational Model that shifts the paradigm of teaching-based education to learning-based education.

The UAdeC reached out to us so that, side by side, we could work with them to make the new Educational Model take roots throughout the university community.

At ForteOrigen we focused all our attention on helping the UAdeC graduates be better prepared: ready to make Mexico a better country! To achieve this goal we decided to build a strategy that specifically addressed each of the main stakeholders involved in the University.

As in any organization (both business and educational) it is necessary to involve the decision-makers: to this end, we developed a Workshop with Officials (including the Rector) in order to integrate the Educational Model in each of their activities and undertakings.

The strategy also focused on the Directors and Professors of the various faculties and preparatory schools throughout the state of Coahuila. An Educational Model Immersion Program was developed for these professionals.

Once we had all the context immersed in the Educational Model, a communication campaign was launched to publicize the model through posters, EM brochures, events, etc.


We trained around 70 professors to launch this Program throughout all the UAdeC academic centers and, in this way, to implement innovative educational strategies, among other things.

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